As most open source project, is dependent on contributions from dedicated developers. It doesn't matter weather you are an employee at a company a researcher at a university or simply someone sharing the vision - you can become a developer too. You may be interested in strengthening the core functionality of the JModelica platform or you may want to add new exciting features. In either case, post a message in the forum and let us know. Contributions to are accepted under the Contributor License Agreement (JM-CLA). JM-CLA essentially establishes that you as a developer (or your employer) transfers the copyright of your contribution to Modelon AB, and that you, in return, obtain a broad license to use your contribution also for other purposes, including commercialization. The purpose of JM-CLA is to ensure that the copyright for the entire code base is gathered in one place in order to enable long term maintenance and a stringent licensing strategy. At the same time, JM-CLA is written as to restrict as little as possible on the contributors rights to use his/hers contribution in other situations. If you are interested in contributing to, the typical path to follow are:

  • Get to know the code base, at least the parts you intend to work with.
  • Search the forums to build up your knowledge and to find out if similar ideas has been discussed before.
  • Check out the trac site to see if similar things are slanted for development.
  • Surface your ideas and suggestions in the forums.
  • Start submitting patches, knowing that you do so according to the conditions of JM-CLA
  • Receive feedback from other developers in the forum.
  • Once your patches are in good shape they will be committed to the repository by a developer with commit access.
  • Developers showing a long term commitment to and having a record of submitting solid patches may apply for commit access.

You may find yourself in a situation where you have great ideas for, for one reason or other (time is scarce for us all) you may not be able to contribute yourself. If this is the case, please don't hesitate to make a post in the forums and share your thoughts.