The source code is available from the subversion repository In order to build the platform, please follow the instructions in the INSTALL file provided with the platform. All releases are available from The platform is currently under development and you may want to check out the development version available from

We currently provide built versions of for Windows - building from sources is required on Linux and Mac.

There are also nightly builds available for Windows.

Binary installer for Windows

Windows installers with a binary distribution of are available below. See the User's Guide for installation instructions and prerequisites before installing the binary installers. The binaries are verified to run on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Download installer Compliance reports Release date
JModelica-2.1.exe (Release notes) MSL, IBPSA 2017-09-21
JModelica-2.0.exe (Release notes) MSL, IBPSA 2017-05-10
JModelica-1.17.exe (Release notes) check, simulate 2015-12-08
JModelica-1.16.exe (Release notes) check, simulate 2015-09-09
JModelica-1.16b1.exe - 2015-09-04
JModelica-1.15.exe (Release notes) check, simulate 2014-12-12
JModelica-1.15b1.exe - 2014-11-04
JModelica-1.14.exe (Release notes) check, simulate 2014-06-12
JModelica-1.13.exe (Release notes) check, simulate 2014-03-26
JModelica-1.13b1.exe - 2014-03-06
JModelica-1.12.exe (Release notes) check, simulate 2014-01-20
JModelica-1.11.exe (Release notes) check 2013-09-06
JModelica-1.10.exe (Release notes) check 2013-07-05
JModelica-1.9.1.exe (Release notes) - 2013-05-16
JModelica-1.9.exe (Release notes) check 2013-03-13
JModelica-1.8.1.exe (Release notes) - 2012-10-17
JModelica-1.8.exe (Release notes) - 2012-07-06
JModelica-1.8b1.exe (Release notes) - 2012-06-27
JModelica-1.7.exe (Release notes) check 2012-02-22
JModelica-1.7b3.exe (Release notes) - 2012-02-20
JModelica-1.7b2.exe (Release notes) - 2012-02-04
JModelica-1.6.exe (Release notes) - 2011-10-24
JModelica-1.5.exe (Release notes) - 2011-03-01
JModelica-1.4.exe (Release notes) - 2010-10-27
JModelica-1.4b1.exe (Release notes) - 2010-10-18
JModelica-1.3.exe (Release notes) - 2010-09-02
JModelica-1.3b1.exe (Release notes) - 2010-08-22
JModelica-1.2b1.exe (Release notes) - 2010-04-23
JModelica-1.1b1.exe - 2009-11-22
JModelica-1.0b3.exe - 2009-09-19
JModelica-1.0b2.exe - 2009-09-15

The installation procedure is described in the User Documentation.

For development or running from sources in Windows, please see the SDK.

Nightly builds for Windows

There are nightly builds available for Windows. To use them, first install either the binary distribution of (see download links above) or the SDK. Then download a build, unzip the folder and follow the instructions in the bundled README.txt file.

Ipopt binaries for Linux and Mac OS X

A compiled version of Ipopt is included in the binary installer. In order to support Linux and Mac OS X users, we provide Ipopt binaries for a popular Linux distribution (Ubuntu 9.04 32 bit) and Mac OS X 10.5.7. Please note that the files in the lib/pkgconfig/ directory need to be edited so that the paths match the location where the Ipopt installation is unzipped.