about me

Hello everyone
My name is Gary, I'm 25, and I'm currently a master student at HangZhou dianzi university, China, faculty of mechanical engineering. with specialization in The mechanical design and theory. I am learning JModelica.org and Dymola. My English is not very well as you know, sometimes I am troubled
by the JModelica.org UsersGuider. I need friends from the world to help me learn the JModelica.org well. If you have a MSN, please add garry.198500@hotmail.com.

Hi Gary I saw you posted

Hi Gary 

I saw you posted this 2 years ago so I hope you are still user of JModelica. I'm studying in Germany and my boss want's me to start using this program, but I have almost no Idea where to start, I mean, I recently worked with Simscape but that wasn't enough. 
I was wondering if, in case you are still working with modelica, you had some time also to help me understand how it works.