2. Installation on Windows

Pre-built binary distributions for Windows are available in the Download section of www.jmodelica.org.

The Windows installer contains a binary distribution of JModelica.org, bundled with all required third-party software components. A list of the third-party dependencies can be found in Section 2.1, “Dependencies”. The installer sets up a pre-configured complete environment with convenient start menu shortcuts. Installation instructions are found in Section 2.2, “Installation”.

2.1. Dependencies

As of JModelica.org version 1.9, all dependencies are bundled in the installer. They are listed below, each with version number (where applicable) and link to corresponding web site.

2.2. Installation

Follow these step-by-step instructions to install JModelica.org using the Windows binary distribution.

  1. Download a JModelica.org Windows binary installer and save the executable file somewhere on your computer.

  2. Run the file by double-clicking and selecting "Run" if prompted with a security warning. This will launch an installer which should be self-explanatory.

    • In the Choose Components window, select which of the bundled Python packages that should be installed. Make sure that any package not already installed on your computer is checked.

      Figure 2.1. Selecting Python packages in the Choose components window.

      Selecting Python packages in the Choose components window.

2.3. Verifying the installation

Test the installation by starting a IPython or pylab shell from the JModelica.org start menu and run a few examples. Starting the Python session from the Windows start menu will set all the environment variables required to run the JModelica.org Python interface.

# Import and run the VDP_sim example and plot results
from pyjmi.examples import VDP_sim

# Import and run the CSTR example and plot results
from pyjmi.examples import cstr

# Import and run the CSTR example using CasADi and plot results
from pyjmi.examples import cstr_casadi

2.4. Compilation from sources

For compiling JModelica.org from sources on Windows there is a Software Development Kit (SDK) available for download. The SDK is a bundle of tools used to build JModelica.org from source code on Windows, please see the SDK User's guide, which can be reached from the download site, for more information.