1. Release notes for JModelica.org version 1.17

1.1. Highlights

For this release, all focus has been on Modelica/MSL compliance. All example models in the bundled MSL version both check and simulate correctly with this release.

1.2. Compiler

1.2.1. Compliance

For this release, the Modelica Standard Library (MSL) version 3.2.1 build 4 is used with some additional handpicked revisions from trunk. All example models in this version of MSL simulate correctly with the JModelica.org 1.17 release. The results can be seen in the compliance reports for simulation and check on the JModelica.org download site.

The trunk version of MSL has some additional example models compared to version 3.2.1. build 4. Compliance reports for trunk MSL can be found on the JModelica.org public Jenkins, using trunk version of JModelica.org.