1. Release notes for JModelica.org version 1.16

1.1. Highlights

  • Strong focus on Modelica/MSL compliance

  • A number of improvements to the CasADi tool chain for optimization

1.2. Compiler

1.2.1. Compliance

For this release, there has been a strong emphasis on improving Modelica/MSL compliance. In several MSL subpackages almost all example models now simulate with a correct result. Complete compliance reports can be found on JModelica.org public Jenkins.

Especially, compliance improvements have been made in the following subpackages:

  • Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody

  • Modelica.Blocks

  • Modelica.Electrical.Analog

  • Modelica.Electrical.Digital

  • Modelica.Electrical.QuasiStationary

  • Modelica.Electrical.Spice3

  • Modelica.Magnetic

  • Modelica.Mechanics.Rotational

  • Modelica.Media

  • Modelica.Thermal

  • Modelica.Math

Further, the following operators are now supported:

  • delay

  • spatialDistribution

1.2.2. Support for dynamic state select

JModelica.org now does dynamic state selection, when necessary.

1.3. Optimization

Several additions and improvements in the CasADi tool chain for optimization have been made. Among the most important are:

  • Warm starting - descretize an optimization problem once, solve it multiple times with different parameters, inputs, and initial guesses

  • Classes for Model Predictive Control and Moving Horizon Estimation

  • Back tracking from discretized problem to original. Trace back residuals, dual variables, and troublesome Jacobian entries to the original model's equations and variables

  • Possible to inspect equation scaling

  • Checkpointing option to reduce discretization work