1. Release notes for JModelica.org version 1.14

1.1. Highlights

  • All models in the Modelica Standard Library, except Modelica.Fluid and those using operator delay() or function pointers, pass error check

  • FMI export supporting FMI 2.0RC2

  • FMI import supporting FMI 2.0RC2 with PyFMI

  • Improved error messages from the compiler

  • Various improvements and extensions to the CasADi-based optimization toolchain

1.2. Compilers

1.2.1. Compliance

A lot of work with compliance has resulted in that almost all models in the Modelica Standard Library now pass error check. Exceptions are models in Modelica.Fluid and those using the operator delay() or function pointers. In particular, the following improvements have been made:

  • Support for arrays indexed with enumerations or Booleans

  • Support for overloaded operators and the Complex type

  • Improved error messages

  • Support for structural parameters depending on external C/Fortran code

  • Support for index reduction of optimization classes

  • Improved modularization and extension points in the compiler

  • Support for index reduction of optimization classes

  • Many bug fixes to improve Modelica compliance

1.2.2. New compiler API

A new Java API for calling the compiler through a separate process has been added.

1.2.3. FMI 2.0 RC2 export

Support for export of FMUs that are compliant with FMI 2.0 RC2 has been added.

1.3. Simulation

Support for import and simulation of 2.0 RC2 FMUs with the Python package PyFMI.

1.4. Optimization

The following improvements have been made to the CasADi-based collocation algorithm:

  • More efficient memory usage and code generation for function evaluations

  • Interface added to WORHP, which serves as an alternative to IPOPT

  • More general treatment of blocking factors. In particular it is now possible to penalize and constrain the discontinuity jumps.