1. Release notes for JModelica.org version 1.13

1.1. Highlights

  • FMI 2.0 Export, according to RC1

  • New CasADi tool chain for optimization

  • In-lined switches

  • Improved compliance

1.2. Compilers

1.2.1. FMI 2.0 RC1 export

FMI 2.0 export according to RC1 is supported. There are some limitations, summarized in the list below.

  • Support for dependencies but not for dependenciesKind in the XML tag ModelStructure

  • Support for directional derivative but known to have limitations in some cases

  • No support for strings and running asynchronuously

  • No support for FMU states (set, get and serialize)

1.2.2. Compliance

  • Improved support for expandable connectors

  • Improved support for unknown array sizes in functions

  • Improved handling of the state select attribute

  • Many bug fixes

1.3. Simulation

1.3.1. In-lined switches

In-lined switches have been introduced, which gives a more robust initialization and simulation of systems with discrete parts.

1.4. Optimization

1.4.1. New CasADi tool chain

  • Support for more Modelica features than previous CasADi-based tool chain

    • User defined functions in models

      • No support for control flow

  • Flat model is exposed in Python in symbolic form using CasADi, and can be inspected and manipulated

  • Support for a variety of collocation options