1. Release notes for JModelica.org version 1.12

1.1. Highlights

  • Greatly improved support for Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody

  • Support for expandable connectors

  • Support for when statements

  • Support for event generating built-in functions

  • Support for overconstrained connection graphs

  • Support for reinit() operator

1.2. Compilers

The following compliance improvements have been made:

  • Improved support for algorithms, including when statements.

  • Improved support for if equations.

  • Improved handling of discrete constructs.

  • Improved handling of attributes in alias sets.

  • Improved index reduction algorithm.

  • Added support for expandable connectors and for overconstrained connection systems.

  • Added support for automatic differentiation of functions with smoothOrder annotation.

  • Added support for String operations.

  • Many bug fixes.

Added check mode, where a class is checked for errors to see if it can be used in a simulation class.

Class annotations are now only allowed as the last element of the class, as per the Modelica 3.2 specification.

1.3. Simulation

The following simulation improvements have been made:

  • Improved the simulation run-time with support for the improvements made in the compiler

  • Improved the robustness when solving linear and nonlinear blocks.

JModelica.org now simulates the example models from the MultiBody package in MSL with the exception of the few models that require dynamic state selection.

1.4. Contributors

Bengt-Arne Andersson

Christian Andersson

Tove Bergdahl

Emil Fredriksson

Magnus Gäfvert

Toivo Henningsson

Jonathan Kämpe

Björn Lennernäs

Fredrik Magnusson

Jesper Mattsson

Iakov Nakhimovski

Jon Sten

Johan Ylikiiskilä

Johan Åkesson

1.4.1. Previous contributors

Sofia Gedda

Petter Lindgren

John Lindskog

Tobias Mattsson

Lennart Moraeus

Philip Nilsson

Teo Nilsson

Patrik Meijer

Kristina Olsson

Roberto Parrotto

Jens Rantil

Philip Reuterswärd

Jonas Rosenqvist