1. Release notes for JModelica.org version 1.11

1.1. Highlights

  • Runtime logging

  • Support for ModelicaError and assert

  • Additional method in block solver

  • Support for ModelicaStandardTables in MSL

  • Improved compliance

1.2. Compilers

The following compliance improvements have been made:

  • Most of the previously unsupported operators are now supported for FMUs

  • Support for assert clauses

  • String operations are now supported (this is useful for asserts, even though String variables are not supported)

  • Support for vectorization for built-in functions

  • Inlining of simple functions is now activate by default

  • Several bug fixes

1.3. Simulation

1.3.1. Runtime logging

The runtime logging has been much improved with a new debugging and analysis framework. This enables debugging of convergence issues in non-linear systems of equations.

1.3.2. Support for ModelicaError and assert

The compiler and runtime has support for ModelicaError and assert clauses. If an assert clause fails or a ModelicaError is called, the integrator will reject the current step.

1.4. Contributors

Bengt-Arne Andersson

Christian Andersson

Tove Bergdahl

Emil Fredriksson

Magnus Gäfvert

Toivo Henningsson

Jonathan Kämpe

Fredrik Magnusson

Jesper Mattsson

Iakov Nakhimovski

Jon Sten

Johan Ylikiiskilä

Johan Åkesson

1.4.1. Previous contributors

Sofia Gedda

Björn Lennernäs

Petter Lindgren

John Lindskog

Tobias Mattsson

Lennart Moraeus

Philip Nilsson

Teo Nilsson

Patrik Meijer

Kristina Olsson

Roberto Parrotto

Jens Rantil

Philip Reuterswärd

Jonas Rosenqvist